PHP 8.0.0 alpha

PHP 8.0.0 alpha 1 was released yesterday so I immediately went and compiled new images – kenashkov/php:8.0.0-alpha-1-cli-stretch and kenashkov/php:8.0.0-alpha-1-swoole-4.5.3-alpha (Swoole master is used, as 4.5.2 doesnt compile against PHP 8) and here is a good article outlining the new things in PHP 8 (JIT & Union Types yay!!!).

PHP blogs and resources collection

This is a list of the blogs of various people contributing to the PHP and other PHP resources in no particular order. Core PHP contributors Julien Pauli Nikita Popov Anthony Ferrara Sara Golemon Derick Rethans Joe Watkins Zeev Suraski Andi Gutmans (old blog) Ilia Alshanetsky Anatoliy Belsky PHP ecosystem contributors Fabien Potencier Benjamin Eberlei Nicolas…