HPE Proliant notes

Like the ESXi post this one just contains assorted notes of mine about HPE Proliant servers and their management.

  • Proliant DL360e G8 does not have a hardware raid controller. It has Smart Array B120i which is not good for ESXi. DL360p G8 on the other hand has Smart Array P420i which works well with ESXi
  • Proliant DL360e G8 has 8 slots for 2.5″ drives but the disk controller (B120i) supports only 4 and only half of the backplane is actually connected to it. Only the left hand drives (1-4) can be used (unless another Disk/Raid controller is installed). The backplane connector is SFF-8087.
  • The firmware update tool for Smart Array p410i (used on ML350 G6) may fail to detect the controller under ESXi. The solution is to boot a 32bit live distro and use the linux version of the tool. I say explicitly 32bit as the tool require 32bit libraries and on 64bit distro there may be issues (on Mint 19.3 there were broken dependencies)
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